Your life will be a lot easier when you can simply remember the multiplication tables.

This is maths learning software for kids. simple and attractive game helps you or your children to learn multiplication table easily pass school exams.

with our user friendly user interface no parental support is required. kids can enjoy the app without any issue.

multiplication tables from 0 to 14 have been added, also we add some cool extra features like additional table,maths games,Interesting quiz session, and much more

How to read the multiplication table? let's take a example as a 2 time
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One times two is two
Two times two is four
Three times two is six

First Learn times tables and be ready for tests! after that start the games on our test area

Playing game is very easy, just follow our instruction
★ Read the question
★ Evaluate each answer to the multiple choice questions
★ Eliminate each clearly wrong answer
★ Tap the right answer
★ Finally you can see your progress status how many question you got correctly

we frequently update your app and add more questions and features. voice reading multiplication tables coming soon.

Enjoy playing Multiplication Tables game! Learn times tables and be ready for school tests

Good luck
Whitecody Team
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